GRID Finance

GRID Finance

New website for GRID Finance who are transforming the Irish banking and financial services sector.

The Brief

GRID Finance are transforming how businesses obtain capital investment and allows individuals to investment in growing businesses. We were delighted to work with the guys over at GRID Finance in creating their new website which would be potential new users first interaction with the company.


Grid Finance Logo



Landing Pages


Photo Selection + Editing


Front-End Development

Content Editing

Web Design

The Project

Content Workshop

The team over at GRID Finance had built up a lot of information on their customers, their industry and their own product offering. So to get to grips with all of their information we had an intensive content workshop with their team.

They know their industry inside-out so we worked with them to create the simplest user experience on their website that would lead to conversions.


It was also really important that the GRID Finance team would be able to work their website going forward. We implement a page builder on the site allowing the team to create their own pages and page templates on the site, such as the Team page shown below.

Unique Landing Pages

GRID Finance have two very different target markets: Irish SMEs looking for capital investment, and individuals looking to manage their wealth. To help their current marketing strategies we created two different landing pages: GRID Business and GRID Wealth. These pages have different logos, colour schemes and designs so that they can be used in different marketing campaigns.

The landing pages are also part of the main website so that all their content builds the overall SEO rank of GRID Finance.


  • Content workshops

  • Website design

  • Website development

  • Copy writing

  • Brand design