Ordipat + Acumass

Ordipat + Acumass

A new look and online presence for this international IP Firm.

The Brief

We worked with Acumass, and their sister-brand Ordipat on a new look to help them reach newer tech start-ups in California. To do this, we worked with them on a rebrand for the two sister companies and  2 new multi-lingual websites. We also custom developed a domain search feature for Ordipat that would show users if their domain was registered, and their details.





Logo Creation

Web Design + Development

Custom Development


Multi-Lingual Websites


Web Design

The Project


The client wanted to appeal to clients in tech start-ups in San Francisco, so we worked with them to create a more modern, tech-friendly brand. We also needed to create a brand style that could work for the two sister companies, Acumass and OrdiPat, and would also create a framework to support any sub-brands.

Multilingual Sister Websites

Similarly, the two website for Acumass and OrdiPat needed to share a lot of the same designs and functionality. Both needed to be modern, easy to use and update by the Acumass team.

It was also very important that both sites would cater to their international client base. The Acumass site is multilingual, with fully translatable content supporting four languages; the OrdiPat site only required the client's native French and English.

Custom Search Functionality

OrdiPat is an intellectual property (IT) technology firm. So to support their clients registering domain names, they needed to search available domain names from a specific domain name registrar. As no off the shelf solution existed we custom built a search function to query this database to show what domains were available.

Where domains were reserved, we then queried the international WHO.is database to return information on the details of domain registrars.


  • 2 Sister brands

  • Support Sub-Brands

  • Tech Friendly

  • Support 4 languages

  • Query a domain registrar database

  • Show details of who has registered a domain name


The Result

The final brand is a much more modern take on a traditional IP Rights Firm. The two logos visible above are clearly related, using similar typefaces and base colour schemes. However, OrdiPat is distinct with its more tech based blue colour, which also flows through its sub-brands, LoLa and RapidDomaine.

We built both websites on a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that allows the team to manage their own blog on Acumass and content on both sites.

The Domain Search Engine also returns results for up to 12 domains by default, but can also show results for any TLD requested that is provided by the registrar. What's more, the results are also multilingual, appearing in either French or English, depending on the language the site is set to.